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Qi Gong

Quick Details

Adult Ages 18+

Discover Balance and Vitality: Qi Gong Classes for Health and Well-being

Qi Gong (energy/lifeforce) is an ancient system that we can use to cultivate and balance our life force energy, improve health, happiness and well-being. Classes are designed to give students higher level qi information that is both suitable and beneficial for beginners, and for those who have taken qi gong before. This class is not suitable if you have cancer or are pregnant.

Benefits you might expect include:

  • reduction of stress and tension
  • improved circulation
  • improved lymphatic function
  • strengthening of bones and joints
  • strengthening of lung qi
  • reduction of inflammatory pain through a special healing technique
  • ability to connect to the qi nature
  • ability to collect and store qi
  • protecting your energy so you don’t get drained
  • centering and grounding
  • increased flexibility
  • access to a technique to help balance blood pressure

Instructor, Teresa Mullan Frease, has studied Qi Gong for the past 26 years, and leads the Jingui Qi Gong School’s Teacher Training Committee. She practiced under the instruction of Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong Master – Dr. Dongxun Zhang.