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Severe Storm Hits Wimberley: Parks Suffer Damage

Update 05/10/2024 5 p.m. 
Blue Hole Regional Park will reopen for swimming on May 11, 2024. However, a portion of the creek will remain inaccessible until tree crews can evaluate and remove hazardous branches.

Wimberley, Texas, May 10, 2024 – A severe storm swept through Wimberley, Texas on May 9, 2024, leaving behind a trail of destruction. The storm unleashed baseball-sized hail, torrential rain, and high winds, wreaking havoc on the landscape and infrastructure of the area.


The aftermath of the storm has resulted in significant challenges for the community, including within the parks. Debris from the storm is scattered across roads and walkways, posing obstacles to safe passage. Additionally, the trails within the parks have suffered substantial damage, with much of the material washed away by the relentless downpour. Many of the cypress and oak trees, which have stood in the parks for generations, have been damaged. Of particular concern is the condition of Cypress Creek. Debris carried by the flowing water has rendered the creek unsafe for swimming at this time, posing a potential danger to visitors. Swimming on May 10, 2024 has been cancelled and all guests have been fully refunded.


In response to this crisis, the dedicated park staff is working tirelessly to clear debris and assess the extent of the damage. Every effort is being made to restore the park and ensure the safety of all visitors. “We are deeply saddened by the impact of this devastating storm on our beloved parks,” said Richard Shaver, Director of Parks and Recreation. “Our priority is the safety and well-being of our visitors, and we are committed to restoring our parks to their pristine condition as quickly as possible.”


Despite the challenges, there is hope on the horizon. Park officials are cautiously optimistic that Blue Hole will be reopened for swimming by May 11, 2024. However, visitors are advised to stay updated on the latest developments by checking the park’s website,, for any additional information.


As the community rallies together in the wake of this natural disaster, the resilience and spirit of Wimberley shine through.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Richard Shaver
Director of Parks and Recreation
(512) 660-9111 ext. 209

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