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Printmaking & Prose – Session 2

Quick Details


Join us for an immersive journey into the realms of printmaking, collage and poetry in our ongoing workshop series led by artist, Teresa Moralez.


Each workshop, spanning three sessions of three hours each, will delve into a unique theme, offering participants an enriching exploration of diverse printmaking techniques and expressive writing practices.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Thematic Exploration: Each workshop will revolve around a specific theme, guiding participants through a curated exploration of printmaking techniques and corresponding writing practices. Themes will range from introspective reflections on love, compassion and forgiveness to broader explorations of the human experience.
  • Collage Mastery: Immerse yourself in the art of collage as Teresa shares her expertise in combining diverse elements to create visually striking compositions. Learn techniques to integrate texture, color and form into your printmaking and poetry-inspired collages.
  • Profound Connections: Connect with your innermost thoughts and emotions through expressive writing practices that complement the visual artistry of printmaking and collage. Teresa will guide you in discovering the powerful synergy between words and visual elements, encouraging a holistic and introspective creative process.

About the Facilitator: Teresa Moralez

Teresa Moralez, a seasoned multidisciplinary artist based in the Texas Hill Country, has been shaping the artistic and poetic landscape since her childhood. Holding an MFA in printmaking from The University of Iowa, Teresa’s work has graced private residences, commercial businesses, and galleries through art consultation groups and design firms.

Her artistic endeavors are a testament to her deep faith and spiritual journey, seeking to authentically connect to the human experience in order to unveil profound truths and moments of presence. Through her collage-style approach, Teresa aims to unite vibrant colors, textured surfaces and contemporary design, creating provocative and uplifting works that reflect the beauty, wonder and mystery of the sacred.