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2024 Solar Eclipse

Quick Details

Online registration not required - pay for parking day of


Click here to see a map of Downtown Wimberley showing eclipse road closures and activity spots.

Please note that parking at Blue Hole Regional Park and Oak Park from 04/06-04/08 will NOT be free. To secure a parking spot, a fee of $30 per car is applicable, or alternatively, guests may explore alternative parking options. All parking spots are first come, first served. Cash or card will be accepted. Park admission remains free of charge.

To witness a solar eclipse, the Moon must move between the Earth and the Sun, creating a shadow on our planet. Only those within this shadow can experience the total eclipse. If you haven’t seen a total solar eclipse yet, consider adding it to your bucket list—it’s a truly awe-inspiring spectacle!

On April 8th in Wimberley, we’ll enjoy 2 minutes and 4 seconds of totality starting at 1:34 p.m. The expected influx of eclipse enthusiasts to Texas is staggering, with an estimated 720,000 visitors, not counting the millions of Texas residents who will travel our way to witness this celestial event.

As the highly anticipated 2024 eclipse approaches, our goal is to make it a mesmerizing and safe experience for everyone. With a surge in spectators, we anticipate heavy traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian. Local authorities will implement traffic management measures to ensure a smooth flow, and it’s crucial for attendees to stay aware of their surroundings.

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