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Fire Pit

Includes fire starter, wood, and matches!

Quick Details

Two Hour Rental (Minimum Duration) $10 Per Additional Hour
Residents Get 50% Discount Provide your full address w/ Zip Code. 78676 only, ID's will be checked upon arrival

Come and relax at Wimberley with our fire pit rental!

Gather around our inviting Fire Pit near the Blue Hole Regional Park main offices, where camaraderie and lasting memories ignite. Unwind under the magnificent cypress trees and experience the enchanting magic of a bonfire gathering. Please note that renting the fire pit includes fire starter, wood, and matches.

Renting the fire pit is not allowed during Hays County Burn Bans or extremely windy weather.

During all private facility rentals, park staff will set up signage that lets the public know the area is closed for a private event.