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Building Community and Accessibility: A Look into Wimberley CARES


Wimberley Parks and Recreation Department is dedicated to building Community, ensuring Accessibility, providing Recreation, supporting Education, and promoting Sustainability. Our mission goes beyond just providing amenities; we strive to have a  community where everyone feels welcome and supported.

**Commitment to Accessibility**

One of our cornerstones is ensuring accessibility for all. This commitment is exemplified by recent initiatives such as the installation of a new electric door at the Wimberley Community Center. This simple addition will make a world of difference for guests, ensuring smooth entry and exit for individuals of all abilities.

At Blue Hole Regional Park, accessibility has been further enhanced with the introduction of a new walkway and entry at the park offices. This not only facilitates access for visitors but also sends a powerful message of inclusivity.

**ADA Compliance: A Key Priority**

In line with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), we have made significant strides in ensuring compliance across our facilities. From ADA restrooms to the creation of six ADA parking spaces at Oak Park, every effort has been made to remove barriers and create an environment where everyone can participate fully.

Moreover, these efforts extend beyond individual parks and facilities. The connection of the ADA parking spaces at Oak Park to Wimberley Square via compliant sidewalks is a testament to the holistic approach taken. It’s not just about meeting requirements; it’s about creating seamless pathways for all members of the community.

**Promoting Sustainability and Education**

While accessibility is a key focus, Wimberley PARD also places a strong emphasis on sustainability and education. Through various programs and initiatives, community members are educated about the importance of environmental stewardship and sustainable practices.

From organizing educational workshops to promoting recycling and conservation efforts, we are nurturing a community that is not only accessible but also environmentally conscious.

**Building Community Through Recreation**

At its core, Wimberley PARD recognizes the transformative power of recreation in building strong communities. By providing a diverse range of recreational activities, from sports leagues to outdoor adventures, we bring people together and foster meaningful connections.


Whether it’s a family enjoying a day at the park or a group participating in a community event, our goal is to create spaces where memories are made, and bonds are forged.


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